SANASA Campus is one of the largest higher education and research institute in South Asia, offering students from all over the world an idyllic platform to learn and grow in a sustainable and enriching environment. Their vision is to provide every opportunity for learning and growth at the cutting-edge of development practice. To achieve this end, they are proud to employ the services of some of Sri Lanka’s most brilliant minds; educators who will instill and inspire the student’s passion to acquire and explore, to become disruptive thought-leaders and practitioners in multiple spheres.


At SANASA Campus, they offer specialized Degree, Diploma and Certificate programmes under 21 sections, counting financial services, management, science and human development. This resplendent facility in Kegalle sits truly in harmony with nature, with an environment that fosters creativity, recreation and continuous research and growth. Sanasa offers residential facilities enabling students to engage and grow within a global community, whilst appreciating green initiatives that protect and enhance ecologies. Sustainability sits at the heart of our every operation.

SANASA Campus is part of the Sanasa Group, which was established in 1978 and offers financial solutions, insurance, development finance, engineering, publishing, transportation and security and women’s empowerment programmes, touching the lives of millions of Sri Lankans all over the country. The Group is the conception of the pioneering vision of its founder, Dr.P.A. Kiriwandeniya, who is unremitting in his commitment to excellence to transform the Sanasa University into a premier research and education facility in the South Asian region.

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SDTI (Skill Development and Training International Institute) Campus is a well authorized and glorious academic institute for vocational and professional qualifications and registered as PV 80226 under the company act of 2007 No. VII a front line professional and vocational Training institution, the followings are provided to the nation with view to respond to the changing needs of the time such as English Teacher Training, Pre-School Teacher Training, HR Management training course, Information Technology, Nursing Assistant Training, MLT (Medical Laboratory Training), Banking Course and English Courses.


As mentioned above, they have been providing an amazing service to the country and substantially contributing to the ongoing development processes, since they are directly making skilled younger generation to the country as a timely need of the national economy. In dragging the youth to the right track and in training them well are released to the skilled youth market and for the further regular participation to the development process the institution was provided Prime Minister Award in 2011 and in celebrating The International Religion Day, in line with the independence day of Democratic Republic of Sri Lanka.

They people were awarded Gold Medal in 2013. In addition, The Golden Europe Asian Award 2012, National Excellency Award 2013, National Gold Award 2013, Business Award 2013 were served to the SDTI campus in appreciating the service rendered to the nation. It is very delightful to remind the International recognition of their professional body and the successful move towards the international screen. The required solid foundation for the needs of the internationalism has already been laid in providing a Higher Graded English Education to all studying under their roof.

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How doing diploma in banking is useful?

Diploma in Banking enable each and everyone to build and improve skills in particular Banking & Financial domains and avail of the job opportunities emerging in these field.

How much duration will take for Teacher Training course?

SDTI Campus offering various courses including Teacher Training one. The course providing as the Pre School Teacher Training Program. It will take around six months duration to complete this course.


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