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Every organization and individual aspires to perform beyond expectations in meeting their objectives and goals. In an increasingly competitive and ever-evolving business and professional world, continuous and holistic development through learning and training in a range of skills is essential. In this way, individuals are able to reach their fullest potential while adding value to their organizations and contributing to the sustainable growth of any business enterprise.

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Metropolitan Institute of Business Management (MIBM) has tailored its training and development programs with this in mind, and they offer you diploma and certificate courses that are guaranteed to improve and enhance knowledge, management skills, talents and the leadership capabilities necessary for competing successfully in challenging environments of any type. Their management diploma and certificate courses have been comprehensively designed for each student to increase their personal effectiveness for career advancement and fulfill personal goals. They are on par with international and industry standards guaranteeing your ability to match knowledge and skills with globally accepted standards in management.
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They help their students grow in a myriad of ways by enhancing their knowledge and skill set with certificate courses in computer applications, language, and basic and advanced photography. Their language courses include Business English for executives, managers and students and Spoken Chinese (Mandarin) for both Sri Lankans and foreign nationals. They support their diploma and certificate course curriculam with workshops by professional experts in the respective fields of study. Their faculty of lecturers comprise of professionals, well qualified and experienced in their respective fields with an aptitude for inspiring learning in students of all ages and professions. Their training methods, expertise and facilitation enable students to develop confidence, knowledge and skills that build leadership competence which they can give back to their organizations.
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Their lecturers are dedicated to capacitating their students to be innovative thinkers, strategic decision makers, lead and motivate their teams, communicate effectively and master challenges. Providing satisfactory staffing solutions to multi-national corporations and small and medium-size companies is a service they are well equipped to offer through MIBM Staffing Solutions. Their team of recruitment specialists is able to expertly match talented professionals seeking rewarding careers with the staffing requirements of any business and nonprofit organizations. Well evaluated resourcing helps us find the right person for the right job, as they firmly believe that the best fit can transform careers and give companies a competitive edge by acquiring exceptional talent for long or short term positions or project-based contracts.

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Asian Computer Systems was born out of a vision in 1993, for the express purpose of providing high quality training in computer applications and the latest information technology, at an affordable cost, Today , it is leading IT training organisation in Colombo and other major parts of Srilanka.

Asian is constantly forming strategic alliances and partnerships with academic institutions and professional certification bodies in our quest to be the leading provider of education services and learning solutions for the nation.

In the year 2000 Asian became the Sri Lankan counterpart of CSC Computer Education, India under the Master Franchise license to impart IT education in Sri Lanka. CSC is a popular brand in India with 450 IT training centers all over the state. to provide a satisfied service to the student community, CSC had made an in-depth analytical survey in to the feasibility and economy of making it accessible to all with quality on par with global standards.