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Situated in the historic Galle Fort, the Heritage Cafe offers an impressive menu that includes savory breakfast options, innovative salads and a variety of Southeast Asian dishes.

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The charming café, with its intimate setting, features a terrace as well as a scenic courtyard garden in which visitors can sample the numerous delicious dishes. Next to earthy coffees you can take your pick from fresh juices and shakes to brighten your morning.This boutique-style café with friendly staff and reasonable prices attracts numerous visitors for good reason.

If you are looking for a laid back atmosphere, the Heritage Cafe is the ideal place to come for a break. This Cafe is situated in the historic Galle Fort. The building, which is 400 years old was previously a bakery called The National Bakery. They serve Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and a wide variety of fresh juices and milk shakes.

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[menu_prices] [menu_item title=”Avocado Prawn Cocktail” price=”1,250/-” description=”Line each serving glass with 1 lettuce leaf. Finely shred the remaining lettuce leaves and divide among the glasses.”/] [menu_item title=”Special Chef Salad” price=”850/-” description=”This is an American salad consisting of eggs, one or more varieties of meat, chicken, beef, vegetables and cheese or other leaf vegetables”/] [/menu_prices]  

How to Give the Friendly and Good Service?

Don’t take it personally when a customer complains. Think of a complaint for what it is, an opportunity to get valuable feedback from your customers.

Wonderful cafe in the Galle Fort

Great cafe atmosphere! wonderful interior and design! such hospitable and friendly staff! Food was really delicious!

The Voc Cafe of DBU is one of a good place removed from the stress and traffic of everyday Colombo. The staffs are really cool, they took 40 minutes to execute our takeaway order a couple of weeks ago.

voc cafe hall

If it’s a very hot day, there’s an air-conditioned indoor seating area on Voc Cafe. For nice, breezy days, you get terraced outdoor areas, which are so removed from the hustle and bustle of Colombo. The main building is a gorgeous old structure, high ceilings, wood paneling and all.

Voc Cafe got a cutlet pretty sure it’s a cutlet and not a frikkadel and a killer pol-sambol and wambatu moju. The rice is topped off with a bit of mango chutney if you’d like a tang of acidic sweetness, clearly, it’s as good as a homemade meal you’ll ever get. This set is a winner, and we love it.

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What are the toasties are special at Voc Cafe?

This dutch restaurant providing Scrambled Egg with Bacon, Kalupork, Beef Smore, and Seeni sambol & cheese as special dishes.

Do they provide take-away for any orders?

Voc Cafe providing takeaways for each and every order. The services seem very good. Here, customer could find Dutch foods very easily.