The University of Kelaniya is a state university of Sri Lanka. Situated just outside the municipal limits of Colombo, in the ancient and historic city of Kelaniya, the University has two major campuses, seven locations, six faculties and four institutions. The vision of the University of Kelaniya is to be one of the leading universities in Asia, which will prepare internationally competitive graduates, promote values of sustainable society and conduct outstanding research to improve quality of life.


The University of Kelaniya has pioneered a number of new developments in Higher Education. It was one of the first Universities to begin teaching science in Sinhala, and also the first to restructure the traditional Arts Faculty into three separate Faculties of Humanities, Social Sciences and Commerce and Management. It also has several unique Departments not generally found in the Sri Lankan University system and some Kelaniya innovations have been adopted subsequently by other Universities. These includes the Departments of Industrial Management and Microbiology in the Faculty of Science; Departments of Linguistics, Fine Arts, Modern Languages and Hindi in the Faculty of Humanities; and Mass Communication and Library and Information Sciences in the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The University of Kelaniya has a modern and multi-cultural structure and perspective, with the Faculties of Science, Medicine, Social Sciences and Commerce & Management and a strong base in modern languages, including the teaching of Chinese, English, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Russian, Tamil, and Modern Linguistics. Presently engaged in extensive restructuring as it enters the 21st century, the University of Kelaniya looks forward to a new phase in its 125-year history of development.

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