Founder of Halpewatte Tea Exports, Mr A. P. D. Abeyrathne, acknowledged his commitment to tea in 1971 when he acquired the Uva Greenland Tea estate, once owned by a British national. Since then, with great diligence and empathy towards a growing clientele, he has been of service to many people around the world, producing some of the freshest and finest Ceylon tea. Nearly three decades later, today he is joined by his beloved wife and three sons who all share the same passion and commitment towards producing a perfect cup of tea for the benefit of multitudes of tea fanatics around the world. Still a family business at heart, Halpewatte tea continues to lay its focus beyond mere commercial gain, with a devotion to producing the best of tea with a personal touch of care and a great detail of quality.


For over 35 years, Halpewatte Tea has been producing some of the most distinctively delicious tealeaves hailing from Ceylon. Our ardent devotion to tea has helped us emerge as the number one tea factory in Sri Lanka’s Uva region: an area renowned for its uniquely flavoursome tea. Our commitment towards ensuring the highest standards in manufacturing has won us a host of accolades for consistency in product quality. We currently export our very own, factory fresh, unblended teas manufactured with hand-picked tea buds grown in our very own well-maintained tea plantations.

A cherished gift of Nature; Tea is a beverage that refreshes the mind, heals the soul and brings people together. Tea is a culture; its ethos a shared sentiment of endearment and fellowship. Producing the perfect cup of tea, therefore demands empathy and expertise that only comes with arduous commitment and tastefulness.




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The story precedes to say that he was part of a Scottish Company ‘Anglo-American Direct Tea Trading’ that commenced operations in the year 1930, along with ‘James Finlay & Company Limited’. With his profound love for the industry, and passion for creating a brand of tea that would be so exquisite in flavour, and unique in its character, Alexander introduced to the world the ‘Wikiliya Teas’ that were especially in demand in the European market.


Archaeology has it that a species of anatomically modern Homo sapiens, possibly the earliest dated record of modern humans in the whole of South Asia, resided in the Balangoda area. They are aptly named the ‘Balangoda Man’. Perhaps the geographic location of Balangoda; comfortably situated between the wet and dry zones, and reaping the benefits of the breeze that sweeps over from both the Uva and Bogawantalawa hills, made it conducive for an early human habitation to thrive in Balangoda. These very same geographical conditions and climate give Wikiliya Teas their distinctive full-bodied flavour. Just as Balangoda historically nurtured human settlements, in the current context, the Wikiliya Plantations strives to uplift, care for and sustain the local area communities.

Unfortunately, though, decades later, owing to climatic changes that affected the crops, the factory had to close down, causing the redundancy of many employees. However, in the year 2010, Mr Ranjan Walpola, the current Managing Director of Wikiliya Plantations, resumed its operations, emphatically to sustain the livelihoods of the many local community habitats, whose sole hope was the plantation. With it began the movement to not just enhance the profitability and manufacturing capacity of the factory but to also enhance the quality of life of the estate community, through infrastructure and road development, building of schools, hospitals, staff housing, crèches, and temples.


Wikiliya Tea Products


What is tea?

Tea, a drink made from the leaves and buds of the shrub Camellia sinensis. It is the second largest drink consumed after water.

What are the different types of tea?

Broadly all teas can be classified into four basic types: White, Oolong, Green and Black. They are all made from Camellia sinensis. The difference is in the manufacturing process and the amount of fermentation / oxidation required to make each type of tea.

The story of Bogawantalawa, also known as the Golden Valley could be traced back to 1869 during the British colonial period. It was during this time that pioneering Scottish planters came across a valley encircled by lush mountains and forests, quite unlike anything else on the island.


Coffee was initially grown here however since that proved to be unsustainable, tea planting commenced in its stead. Extremely fertile soil and the elevation ranging from 4,000 to 6,000 feet was an ideal setup for a tea plantation in the Golden Valley. Bogawantalawa is also blessed with unique climatic conditions with both easterly and westerly winds that create the perfect microclimatic conditions, to produce all-around teas with a truly distinct flavour, body and aroma true to its origin.

Every leaf is carefully handpicked by the nimble fingers of our tea pluckers who have learned this intricate art which has been passed down from generation to generation at our tea plantation in Sri Lanka for over 150 years. We also take pride in the fact that Bogawantalawa Tea Estates is the world’s first tea growing, manufacturing and marketing company selling “uncompensated” carbon neutral teas being certified for both, product and facility.





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The undisputed magic brew that brings joy to millions around the world, there’s nothing quite like a cup of tea to those who truly treasure its power; and those who seek perfection, know that there is nothing quite like Ceylon tea. Watawala Tea Ceylon Ltd, a member of the diversified conglomerate Sunshine Holdings PLC, has grown to be recognized as the largest branded tea company in Sri Lanka which places the strong emphasis on innovation and value addition.


A joint venture with TATA Global Beverages and Pyramid Wilmar Plantations Pvt Ltd, Watawala Tea Ceylon Ltd prides itself in being a producer of pure Ceylon tea and has set new standards in offering ‘a good cup of tea’. At Watawala Tea Ceylon Ltd, we have indeed perfected the ‘art of tea’ – as our customers over the years, readily agree. Grown in the lush plantations of Sri Lanka and meticulously processed to the highest of standards, our range of teas is extensive, meeting the needs and tastes of every tea lover from the connoisseur to the masses.

The success of our company over the years is due to our greatest asset – our resource at Watawala Tea Ceylon Ltd. We are proud to have some of the best industry professionals amongst us, who are the very best in their chosen field of expertise in the tea trade. Working as a solid team, they help us to ensure that the highest of quality standards are maintained and also enable us to improve our offering and attain even higher realms of excellence. Our exceptionally committed sales and marketing team, who are empowered with the latest in technology is supported by experts in the tea industry who handle the production and logistics.

Product Ranges in Watawala Tea Ceylon

Packaging Options

Brands of Watawala Tea Ceylon


What Tea brands you are providing?

We provided some tea brands in Srilanka, Zesta BOPF, Watawala Kahata, Ran Kahata and Zest Bottled Water service also.

What type of Product Ranges have you?

We have Black tea, Green tea, White tea, Wooden Gift Boxes, Wooden gift items, Terra cotta range.

Welcome to Falcon Tea Factory. Here they will encounter some of the finest and best blends of tea from Sri Lanka. SAM LIYANAGE is the Chairman at Falcon Tea to date, and is the mastermind behind the glory and An engineer by profession. Their tea is harvested from plantations nestled in the Sabaragamuwa region, and every tea leaf plucked and processed bears assurance for highest quality standards.


Falcon Tea Factory founded in 1995 at Elapatha, Rathnapura, Sri Lanka which has always been known for its high quality and fair prices.The unique feature of tea leave is once plucked, are transported immediately in specially designed trucks to their factories and freshness is preserved.They currently export out teas in Tea bags, Loose packets & bulk form to the Middle East, Europe, Russia.They have obtained ISO 22000, Ethical Tea Partnership and have been awarded the One Star in the Ceylon Tea Quality Certificate Quality Management System.

They distribute their products world wide. Their products obtain repute among their customers.Some of their products are Earl Gray Black Tea, Black Tea, English Breakfast Black Tea, Ginger sensation, Green Tea, Jasmine Black Tea, Lemon Black Tea and Lime Black Tea.

Variety Of Tea


Which is best tea for diabetes: Green tea or black tea?

when you drink green tea for diabetes, you will get a higher level of polyphenols than you would get in black. Polyphenols also play an important role as a prebiotic, increasing the ratio of beneficial bacteria in your gut, which is important for health, weight management, and disease prevention

What country is famous for tea?

Sri Lanka, the nation formerly known as Ceylon, produces three main varieties: Ceylon black, Ceylon green, and Ceylon white tea.

Tea has managed to blend cultural divides and is a beverage that brings all different kinds of people together because of the comfort it provides before or after a long day. The Heladiv Tea Club embraces and celebrates this wonderful quality of tea and has built its brand ethos around it.

heladiv tea cup

The flagship outlet of HTC is located at the Old Dutch Hospital, Colombo Fort (opposite the World Trade Center). HTC has been designed to reflect sentiments of eras past as well as contemporary style. It has an understated Baroque extravagance that will transform each visit into an occasion.

HTC is a three fold concept, although it is first and foremost a Tea Salon, it is also a Dessert Bar and Boutique. Our objective is to provide you with the ultimate consumer experience. To infuse, indulge and inspire.

Service Offering
Features Available
[menu_prices] [menu_item title=”Teas & Cool Drinks” price=”500″ description=”High altitude and year-round low temperatures produce a very slow-growing bush with unusually small leaves that take on an orange hue”/] [menu_item title=”Foods and Beverage” price=”500″ Scrambled eggs and toast with grilled tomato, hash brown, and baked beans.”/] [/menu_prices]

Heladiv Tea Club

Hospitality is the core of our Business, we strive to create more than just a tea shop experience. To our customers who we consider as our extended family

Franchisee and Join Our Family

From our coffee and tea origin suppliers to our retail store Team Members and loyal customers, we consider everyone part of our extended family.

The “Roots” is a lifestyle drink that celebrates great taste and good health. Roots is an elite juice bar is about fun, cool and with a touch of sophistication.


Our products are naturally blended, squeezed, crushed, super healthy, nutritional, contains absolutely no fat and cholesterol, no artificial, essences, colors or preservative, and then again, vitamins and minerals enriched.

Service Offering
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[menu_prices] [menu_item title=”Black Grape Smoothie” price=”340.00″ description=”One glass of this smoothie should keep you going till it’s time to eat again and which makes you feel all kinds of cool from the inside.”/] [menu_item title=”Iced Tea” price=”200.00″ description=”Iced tea (or ice tea) is a form of cold tea. Though usually served in a glass with ice, it can also refer to a tea that has been chilled or cooled.”/] [/menu_prices]

Tappers Village Estate Bungalow has four cottage typed rooms to comfortably accommodate 11 adult and four children. Rooms comprise A/C, fans, flat screen televisions with satellite channels, attached bathrooms with hot and cold water and comfortable beds and soft linen with uniquely designed drapes and coverlets.

bungalows in ingiriya swimming pool

The well-equipped kitchen/pantry will facilitate the guests to cook on their own or the well-trained ‘Appu’ at your service is ready to cook meals of your choice. Dining facilities for approx.50 pax and Barbeque facility is also available.

The functioning swimming pool will be soon added with a natural swimming pool from the flow of gushing waters of Kiriella falls in the vicinity. The natural stream flowing through the estate makes the Tappers Village Estate Bungalow‘s an ideal location for a complete relaxation.

One could witness plucking of tea, tapping of rubber and also processing of rubber sheets, while you enjoy the comforts on offer at the resort. A tour to a planted rainforest is 3 km away. Trek/Visit to the nearby traditional village, the functioning tea factory and to the famous stone cave temple ‘Nadun Viharaya’, Saman Devalaya, Pahiyangala cave and Kiriella falls are some of the unique attractions.

Tappers Village Estate Bungalow Offering Services

Features of Tappers Village Estate Bungalow

Tappers Village Estate Bungalow Prices


What are the languages they could speak?

Tappers Village Estate Bungalow's staffs could speak most of the important languages from all over the world such as English, Sinhala, Arabic, and Tamil.

Do they provide facility of Airport transfer?

This best site-viewing bungalow allows very good service at Airport transfer. Customer could enjoy the Scenic beauty of Ratnapura from start-to-End.

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In 1983 a young team of tea experts with a passion for quality created a new brand of superior tea. Thus “Mlesna” was born.

At “Mlesna” our ambition is not just selling packaged teas but giving consumers undisputed quality teas in beautiful packages.

mlesna tea shop  

With less than 10 people the “Mlesna” team set about their work to create the best quality teas in the most selectively designed packages.

With humble beginnings we at “Mlesna” set about to package teas in new and creative ways in order to attract the connoisseurs of tea into the world of exclusive teas, and in doing so created a special market for value added teas.

Today with 20 years of experience, more than 3000 different products and a permanent staff of more than 350 people, we at “Mlesna” strive to give our customers, the connoisseurs, the same we did 20 years ago – superior quality teas in exquisite packaging. In doing so – “Mlesna” has spread its wings the world over and service a clientele of 50 countries.

Service Offering
Features Available
[menu_prices] [menu_item title=”Black Tea and Green Tea” price=”Rs.5,000″ description=”Although it is commonly assumed that black and green tea are produced from two different trees, they in fact come from the same tree.”/] [menu_item title=”Flowery Orange Pekoe” price=”Rs.5,000″ description=”Can be either whole leaf or broken leaf orthodox black tea with a lot of tip, which gives its finer quality.”/] [/menu_prices]

What is Tea? And difference between Other

“Tea” in today’s context is a term used very freely to describe most warm drinks that are produced by infusing any dried or dehydrated leaf, fruit, flower, etc.

What is the difference Green and Black Tea?

Many people believe that black tea and green tea is produced from two different trees, in fact some even believe that tea is just a shrub. Contrary to these beliefs tea is actually a tree but is maintained as a shrub through a process of pruning.

Established in 1987 by Uday shanth Fernando, current Chairman and Head of Design at Paradise Road Paradise Road Group of Companies, Paradise Road began as a small store selling hand picked antiques and contemporary designed local handicrafts. Today the Paradise Road retail chain consists of five retail outlets plus the new addition, PR, the concept store named with the companies anagram and launched by Fernando’s daughter Annika Fernando.

paradise road the tintagel

With a combination of contemporary home ware, local handicrafts, antiques, clothing, giftware and crockery the Paradise Road brand has become the leading local design brand in Sri Lanka. Starting as a small boutique in Cinnamon Gardens, Paradise Road began as a retail venture originally selling contemporary designed merchandise locally manufactured, has since grown into a design and hospitality empire and a prominent Sri Lankan brand.

Items were originally all designed by Shanth Fernando. Whilst Fernando continues to be solely responsible for the design of merchandise, he now also includes in his product range personally selected items imported from all around the world which reflect the Paradise Road design aesthetic.

Service Offering
Features Available
[menu_prices] [menu_item title=”The Villa Bentota” price=”Rs.25,000″ description=”Paradise Road The Villa Bentota is in keeping with Bawa’s original design, presenting an entirely different design and architectural ethos to the more stately heritage Paradise Road Tintagel Colombo.”/] [menu_item title=”Paradise Road Tintagel” price=”Rs.25,000″ description=”With its close proximity to many embassies and places of business, Paradise Road Tintagel Colombo is a popular choice of accommodation for corporate travelers and with its intimate atmosphere also a preferred choice by holidaymakers.”/] [/menu_prices]

The Villa Gallery

The Villa Gallery displays a continuous collection of contemporary Sri Lankan artwork for sale. Many of the villa guests, after viewing the collection of work on display from the villa’s private collection.

Tintagel The Red Bar

The Red Bar is a space where a privileged few can lounge in hip style on black leather lounges and bronze tables. Come for a private meeting, romantic tête-a-tête or just for an unaccompanied nightcap.